Who is Taha Çakmak, how old is he, where is he from? The former duties of Taha Çakmak, the new vice president of the Central Bank.

Taha Çakmak was appointed the new vice president of the Central Bank with the Presidential Decree signed by President Erdogan. According to the decree, the Deputy Governors of the Central Bank Prof. Dr. Semih Tumen, Dr. Uğur Namık Küçük and the member of the Monetary Policy Board, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Yavaş were fired. They are replaced by the deputy governor of the Central Bank. Taha Cakmak, Monetary Policies Member of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Yusuf Tuna was appointed. Taha Çakmak began to be investigated after being appointed deputy governor of the Central Bank.


Taha Çakmak, who also held certain positions at THY and Ziraat Bank prior to his appointment at the Central Bank, was most recently BRSA’s Vice Chairman.


Taha Cakmak was born in Elazig. After graduating from Boğaziçi University in 2008, Çakmak worked for Turkish Airlines (THY) for 10 years after completing his Master’s degree at the University of Exeter in England. Taha Çakmak was appointed Vice President of BRSA after serving as the Human Resources Group Manager of Ziraat Bank. According to the Ziraat Bank website, Taha Çakmak, who is still a member of the Board of Directors, was ranked eighth on the list of the “50 Most Powerful HR Leaders” according to Economist magazine research.

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