The New York stock market closed with mixed movement

At the close, the Dow Jones index followed a flat course and stood at 34,377.81 points.

The S&P 500 Index rose 0.30 percent to 4,363.80 and the Nasdaq Index rose 0.73 percent to 14,571.6 points.

After the September inflation announced today in the US beat expectations, the indices followed a mixed course at the close.

The country’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) exceeded expectations with an increase of 0.4 percent per month and 5.4 percent annually in September. Thus, annual inflation rose again to its highest level in 13 years.

While US companies began to announce their financial results for the third quarter of the year, the net income of JPMorgan Chase, one of the largest banks in the country, rose above expectations in this period. According to the statement made by JPMorgan Chase, the institution’s third-quarter net income increased 24 percent compared to the same period last year to $ 11.7 billion.

On the other hand, the minutes of the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) noted that a reduction in asset purchases could begin in November or December.

Noting that some Fed officials also raised concerns that current inflationary pressures could last longer than anticipated, most members noted that supply disruptions and labor shortages could last longer, risks inflation, and that this could have lasting effects and greater than anticipated. on prices and wages.

Analysts claimed that the third-quarter balance sheets of Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, one of the largest US banks, which will be announced tomorrow, will be followed by investors.

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