Scientists Türeci and Şahin visited Casa Atatürk

In the post shared on the Twitter account of the Turkish Consulate General in Thessaloniki, Türeci and Şahin, who have rendered an important service to all humanity with the vaccine they developed against Kovid-19, stated that they wanted to visit the House of Atatürk first. in Thessaloniki, where they came to attend an event.

Türeci and Şahin, received by Burak Özügergin, Turkish ambassador in Athens, wrote the following in the Atatürk House diary:

“It is an honor for us as scientists of Turkish origin to visit the place where Atatürk was born. Atatürk, as one of the pioneering leaders of modern Europe, understood the fundamental value that free thinking and science carry for humanity.” in life it is science. ‘ We totally agree with the wise saying.

The house where Atatürk was born in Thessaloniki is open to visitors as a museum.

The historic house where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who was born in 1881, was born in Thessaloniki and spent part of his childhood and youth, is open to visitors as a museum.

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