Good news from Minister Pakdemirli to sheep and goat farmers

Pakdemirli participated in the “Machine Equipment Park Project” organized by Mersin Breeding Sheep Goat Breeders’ Association at Atayurt Market Complex in Silifke District.

Pakdemirli, who went into the nomad tent here and chatted with the women, was offered buttermilk and squeezed juice.

Pakdemirli, later in the ceremony, said that the phrase “sheep with wheat, the rest is game” is one of the words that best expresses his geography and culture.

Stating that Anatolia is the homeland of wheat, Pakdemirli said: “Sheep and goats are also the culture, flavor and salt of this geography. These geographies are the meat and milk of cattle. We will continue to protect and develop the values. of these lands today and tomorrow as we did yesterday. Last 19 We have achieved significant increases in the number of sheep and goats with the support and new projects that we have provided annually. In this period, our number of sheep increased by 80 percent to 45.2 million head, the number of goats increased by 81 percent to 12.2 million head, and the total number of sheep and goats increased by 80 percent to 57.4 million head. . said.

Pakdemirli stated that in the past 3 years, they have achieved significant development momentum with the goal of “one small ruminant for every citizen in 2023” and continued as follows:

“With a 30 percent increase in the total number of sheep and goats, we have added 13.1 million sheep to the herd. Therefore, we have increased our number of sheep and goats to the highest level in the last 30 years. I say with pride that Turkey ranks first in Europe in number of sheep and goats today. I think with their efforts and our support. more efficient, in a more planned way. and I walk stronger. “


Stating that his goal is to increase the proportion of soft and delicious small cattle meat, which is very high in protein, in the total consumption of red meat, Pakdemirli used the following statements:

“We immediately began to assess weak pastures and areas that are unsuitable for fallow, stubble and plant production. In addition, we continue our efforts to increase our exports of live sheep and goats. This year, so far, 5 countries including Azerbaijan , Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, We export 136,500 sheep and goats. That means that we no longer import, we say export. We provide important support to develop small livestock farming. For the first time this year, we paid 2 lira per animal to our nomadic herders in addition to the livelihood of matrilineal sheep and goats. On the other hand, the livelihood of the mother sheep is 20 percent. We increased the livelihood to 30 lira with an increase and 35 lira with an increase of 40 percent. In addition to the rootstock support, we will apply the support payment of 20 lira to our sheep farmers in 2020, with an increase of 828 million lira in 2020, and a 20 percent increase in 2021. Real we raised a support payment of one billion lire. “

Pakdemirli claimed that they set up ram-goat breeding centers in 6 provinces with a grant of 3.3 million lira, and paid a 50 percent grant for the purchase of ram-goats from these centers.

Recalling that they allowed animal grazing in forests and on pastures, summer pastures and winter pastures in 2012, Pakdemirli said: “We provide planned animal grazing in 53 percent of our forest areas. Our support for forage crops and pasture improvement work is also continuing. Quickly. We have performed pasture improvement work in an area of ​​13 million decars in approximately 2,000 projects in order to meet the needs. ” said.

Noting that Mersin ranks first in the Mediterranean region with its 1.7 million sheep and goats, Pakdemirli said: “We supported 44,100 sheep and goats from 273 farmers in Mersin with a grant of 30 million lira, within the scope of the Improvement in the hands of the Pueblo Project carried out by our Ministry “. used the phrase.


In giving information on the grants, Pakdemirli said: “These grants are very serious figures, reaching billions of lira. For example, in the first 9 months of 2021, we awarded a grant of 1.1 billion lira to our entrepreneurs for 3,271 projects with a total investment budget of 1,600 million lire in rural areas. We pay. ” he said.

Stating that they are well aware of the importance of input costs for farmers and producers, Pakdemirli continued as follows:

“For this reason, I would like to underline that we will not allow excessive increases in feed prices due to the pandemic, which has a significant share of input costs. To ensure that our meat, milk and feed producers are not seen affected by this situation and to reduce their costs, we have established the ‘Food Regulation Office’ through our Soil Products Office (TMO). We started the work. Our support for forage crops continues in order to satisfy food needs. They paid approximately 8 billion TL to support forage crops in the last 19 years. With the support we have provided and the work done, our forage cultivation area has increased from 758 thousand hectares to 2 , 5 million hectares. Comfortable. We take our measures, we follow the markets, we take We will continue with the yeast “.


Expressing that he wanted to bring good news to small cattle breeders, Pakdemirli said:

As you know, last year we gave the good news from Mersin, which is the sheep breeding center, that we have increased the support of the sheep rootstock to 30 lire with an increase of 20 percent and the support of the mother goats to 35 lire with an increase of 40 percent. “I would like to share with you the good news that we have increased support for the employment of shepherds by 20 percent to 6 thousand lira. We wish all of our breeders the best of luck, especially you, our breeders from Mersin.”

Emphasizing that under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the country will continue to be among the countries that have a voice in the agricultural and forestry sector in the world, Pakdemirli said: “I believe that 2021 will be a year of advances in the sheep and breeding sector. of goats. As a Ministry, we are with you, on your right, on your left and behind you. Hopefully this year we will support you and train you “. he said.

After his speech, Minister Pakdemirli presented gift certificates to farmers who received food, water tankers and trailer support.

Governor Ali İhsan Su, Director General of State Hydraulic Works Kaya Yıldız, Mersin Party MP AK Ali Cumhur Taşkın, MHP MPs Mersin Baki Şimşek and Olcay Guide and other stakeholders attended the program.

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