French court ruled against state on climate

According to the news in the French press, the Administrative Court of Paris affirmed that the upper limit set by the state for greenhouse gas emissions in the period 2015-2018 was exceeded with 62 million tons of carbon equivalent.

It was indicated that the court asked the State to repair the damages caused by not complying with its climate commitments before December 31, 2022 and to comply with its commitments.

In the case, which was considered the “Trial of the Century”, the Administrative Court of Paris found that 4 non-governmental organizations that alleged that the state did not comply with its climate commitments and that complained to the state on February 3, were justified . .

The court held the state accountable for failing to meet climate-related commitments. The organizations then asked the court to take measures to compensate for the damages caused by the state’s failure to comply with its climate commitments.

2.3 million people supported the petition launched by the aforementioned non-governmental organizations to protest the lack of proper climate work by the government.

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