Breaking news. Strong warning to Iran: if diplomacy fails …

After meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Washington on the anniversary of the normalization agreement between the two countries, Blinken held a joint press conference with the two ministers.

Answering questions about Iran, Blinken said they agreed that this country should not acquire nuclear weapons.

Expressing that they believe that diplomatic means are the best solution, Blinken stated that his country has been expressing its willingness to return to the Iran nuclear deal for months, but does not see that Tehran is ready for this issue.

Blinken said: “Time is running out and, as we discuss here, we are approaching a point where we cannot see the main benefits of OKEK even if we go back to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (OKEK). Because Iran is targeting increase the enrichment rate of uranium from 20 to 60 percent by using more centrifuges. It is using this time to advance its nuclear program, especially in the future. ” he said.

Explaining that they are considering all options to meet Iran’s challenges, Blinken said: “If diplomacy fails, will you consider military options?” gave the following answer to the question:

“Due to the reasons I just mentioned, our time is getting shorter and shorter. At the same time, we are closely monitoring Iran’s reactions and situation. If Iran does not change course, we are ready to turn to other options.” .

– Israel’s Foreign Minister also warned

Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid, on the other hand, argued that the time lost in the nuclear negotiations allowed Iran to continue with its nuclear program, adding: “With each passing day, each day that is delayed, Iran is one step closer to the nuclear bomb, “he said.

Lapid, claiming that Iran has misled the world about its nuclear program, said: “I and Minister Blinken are children of families that survived the Holocaust. We know when a nation should use force to protect the world from evil. ” used his statements.

Emphasizing that Israel has reserved its right to self-defense, Lapid said: “If diplomacy fails, all other options will be on the table. Everyone here understands what ‘other option’ means, Tehran understands it too. ”He made a statement.

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