When will the inflation figures for September be released? What is the expected inflation rate in September?

Breaking statements on the inflation rate are closely watched. According to TUIK data, inflation rates rose 1.12 percent in August to 19.25 percent annually. In August 2021 it increased by 1.12% compared to the previous month, increased by 11.65% compared to December of the previous year, increased by 19.25% compared to the same month of the previous year and increased by 15.78% according to the twelve- monthly averages.

According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, as of August, when 12-month averages are taken into account, consumer prices increased 15.78 percent and domestic producer prices increased 31.34 percent. Monthly, the CPI increased by 1.12 percent and the D-PPI increased by 2.77 percent. The CPI increased 11.65 percent in August compared to December last year and 19.25 percent compared to the same month the previous year. D-PPI, on the other hand, increased 28.51 percent compared to December 2020 and 45.52 percent compared to August last year.


Inflation rates for September will be announced on October 4 at 10:00 am. The inflation rate, which has become even more critical after the surprise interest rate cut by the Central Bank, will also be used as a determinant for the dollar rate, gold prices and the rate of increase in income. Renters and landlords also expect inflation rates in terms of the growth rate of rents.


The median monthly forecast of economists in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for September was 1.24%. According to the survey carried out by Foreks with 17 economists from banks / institutions, the average CPI forecast for September was 1.34%, while the median forecast was 19.55%, with an average of 19.68% in data yearly.

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