Chance Ball April 18, 2021, lottery results and ticket inquiry screen will be at

The excitement continues at the Lucky Ball shooting on Wednesday and Sunday. The Lucky Ball lottery is streamed live on Milli Piyango TV’s YouTube account. The Lucky Ball lottery, which takes place two days a week, takes place in the presence of a notary.

What time is the Lucky Ball lottery, how much is the jackpot?

The Lucky Ball Live Giveaway is viewed at 8:00 PM on the Milli Piyango Online website and Milli Piyango TV YouTube account. The draw lasts about 5 minutes. After the draw, the results are questioned on

How to play Lucky Ball?

Lucky Ball is in the National Lottery Online,

The renewed Lucky Ball rules are as follows;

There are 34 numbers at the top and 14 numbers at the bottom of a column. 5 of 34 numbers and 1 of 14 numbers are dialed.

One or more columns can be reproduced.

The single column fee is 2 TL.

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