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Research shows that the use of social media tools is increasing across all age groups. The acceptance of digitization has also affected the preferences and frequency of purchase, and the diversity of savings tools. ESET Turkey Product and Marketing Manager Can Erginkurb underwent this intense digitization process in March to advise users who claim to have been followed by cybercriminals.

During the pandemic period, people spend a significant part of their time indoors, and socializing with friends, family and friends who stay away takes place through digital social media. It is not just sociologists, educators or marketers who are following this change. Cybercriminals who make money using illegal means in digital environments are also closely watching developments. They follow the right time and environment to earn money easily. They try to get what they want with the methods they have developed on social media platforms, which are an entertainment and socialization tool for users.

Part of social engineering work

Cybercriminals take advantage of social engineering practices by doing meticulous work. They create a meaningful whole by putting information together in different parts. Sometimes they can collect enough information to be able to master the details that their spouse and friends and sometimes their parents don’t know about, and they can use this information for their own purposes. They can open a new account on your behalf or set up new cheats using your existing account.

Social engineering

What can someone whose account has been hacked do?

The attack with the fake Clubhouse app has made a lot of noise. Lukas Stefanko, a malware researcher at ESET, detected a malware that aims to steal user login information from cybercriminals on many online services. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and the new ClubHouse platform are among the most popular social media accounts. Some periods, depending on the popularity of the platform, one stands out as a target of attack, another next month.

People who think their social media account has been compromised can apply to the help center of the captured social media account if they take precautions beforehand. Depending on the platform it is, sometimes it can be undone with an easy or difficult process.

What should you do to prevent your account from being hijacked?

Can Erginkurban

ESET Turkey Can Erginkurb Product and Marketing Manager that you should keep in mind when using social media accounts are summarized below;

  • It says that you can log into some apps with your social media account. Although it sounds nice not to have to create a new account, be very careful about the applications that you will log into with this method.
  • Don’t log into unfamiliar sites and apps with your social media accounts.
  • Be sure to use different passwords for each of your strong, hard-to-guess social media accounts. In fact, start using a reliable password manager that can remember all the passwords for your account.
  • Always use anti-virus software that provides multi-layered protection on every device that connects to the Internet.
  • Do not connect to the Internet from Wi-Fi networks that you are not familiar with and of which you are not sure. For example, remember that every communication you make on the Wi-Fi network of a hotel or restaurant can be monitored and modified by others.
  • Make sure to enable the two-factor authentication function. Especially for Android phone users, attackers can bypass the second authentication measure with SMS. For this reason, choose 2FA apps over SMS.

Encountering the technology in the early 2000s thanks to the 2.4GHz Pentium 4 computer, Asım managed to survive struggling with 128MB of RAM. Our writer, who has passed on his experiences at Technopat Sosyal since 2013, is now with us with his news and articles.

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