Unity will offer support for NVIDIA DLSS

NVIDIA DLSS support for the Unity game engine is on the way.

One of the most important game engines. Unit, NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) Coming Soon technology support will bring. It is claimed that the technology will be available to Unity developers later this year and that developers can open the DLSS feature in their games with just a few clicks. Unreal engine this year too Epic games Got support for DLSS with a plugin offered by.

NVIDIA DLSS technology a type of update that improves performance and improves the appearance of games. Although systems only make up a fraction of the pixels, artificial intelligence technology smoothing is used to display similar images at native resolution quality. The technology can enable better looking games while relieving the burden on hardware and improving the performance of scanned graphics. Let’s not forget that DLSS is used in conjunction with ray traced reflections for games that look realistic on RTX graphics cards.

Recent accusations DLSS will also be compatible with Nintendo’s new Switch hybrid gaming console. toward. Yenin Switch, of course, will be more powerful than current models, but PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | It won’t be as strong as the S. On the other hand, the expanded support for DLSS will pave the way for better performance in more games.

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