The competition authority fines Google for 296 million TL

The competition agency fined 296 million lira against Google LLC, Google Advertising and Marketing, Google International, Google Ireland and Alphabet.

Managed by Google’s allegation that it abuses its position in the general search services market and uses its local search and accommodation price comparison services in a way that excludes competitors. the investigation is complete.

As a result of the discussion of the file by the Competition Authority on 04/08/2021, it was decided to impose an administrative fine on Google in accordance with article 6 of the Competition Protection Law No. 4054. As a result, Google LLC , Google Advertising and Marketing, Google International, Google Ireland and Alphabet have to pay a fine of 296,084,899.49 TL.

Article 6 of the Competition Protection Law No. 4054

“It is illegal and prohibited for one or more companies to abuse their dominant position in the market for goods or services in all or part of the country, either alone or through collective agreements or behavior with others.

The cases of abuse are particularly the following;

  • to) Actions aimed at preventing, directly or indirectly, another company from entering the field of commercial activity or hindering the activities of competitors in the market.
  • B) Direct or indirect discrimination by proposing different conditions for the same and equal rights, obligations and actions to equal buyers.
  • C) In the case of resale, such as the purchase of other goods or services together with a good or service, or if a good or service requested by buyers in the case of intermediary companies is subject to display by the buyer, or if a purchase the good is not sold at a certain price that imposes restrictions on commercial conditions.
  • D) Actions aimed at disturbing the conditions of competition in another market for goods or services by taking advantage of the financial, technological and commercial advantages created by dominance in a particular market.
  • to) Restriction of production, commercialization or technical development to the detriment of the consumer “.

It didn’t take long to get a statement from Google. Google’s statement is as follows;

“When it comes to travel or local service searches, testing consistently shows that users want information to help them rather than just a link to another web page. Therefore, we have developed new ways of displaying information, including booking options, maps, prices or photos. Delivering such relevant results creates more choice and competition while allowing billions of free visits to sites and businesses on the web every day. We will continue to work with the Competition Authority examining the decision and maintaining our usual constructive approach. “

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